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Is an age appropriate fun and exciting mixed martial arts child development program for 3-6 year old boys and girls. Parents love how Indistractible and focused their child will get.


The ultimate in self defense, fitness and confidence. Get in great shape, Become Indistractible.


The Kids Kickboxing class is the fusion of kickboxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing in a safe environment. Get in greatest shape of your life.


Krav Maga for kids is a pure self defense. No traditions or forms. The ultimate bully buster.


Krav Maga is the official self-defense and fighting system used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force!) Krav Maga is the quickest way to learn reality based street defense.


Tired of the same old boring workout with no results? Get in the best shape of you life while learning to defend yourself. Live Fit and Fearless.


Miami’s premier martial arts ( Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Krav Maga) fitness center. At Anta’s we have been transforming lives by building discipline and leadership through fitness and self defense since 1998 in Doral. We believe that martial arts and fitness are one. A true martial artist is fit and our martial arts system will get you fit.
Indistractible Program
Have you noticed that your child is distracted and undisciplined. It’s happening more and more in today’s digital society filled with distractions at every turn. At Anta’s we have made it our mission to make our students indistratible with our Indistratible Program. The Indistractible Program and Challenge is FREE a $125 value when you signup for our 3 week special.
Mind, Body and Spirit Training Center
Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is the areas leader in functional martial arts and fitness. We are an award winning family ran and oriented martial arts and fitness center changing lives in the City of Doral (Miami) since 1998.
Kid’s Mixed Martial Arts
Our kids program is a mixed martial arts child development with life skills program which is the fusion of a functional self defense, Jeet Kune Do, kickboxing, kung fu, Krav Maga, Judokickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, anti-bullying, Indistractible training, child safety, confidence building and reality based MMA sparring (stand up and ground fighting) in a safe and fun environment.
Adults Martial Arts
For adults we teach martial arts that will help you survive a street encounter such as Krav Maga and Muay Thai kickboxing in a safe environment.

We are a survival school teaching counter terrorism, active shooter defense, anti-car jacking, basic and tactical shooting.

We have been featured in local, national and international TV shows, newspapers and magazines.


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Doral and CountyOfficials Testimonials

For over 20 years, the City of Doral has been home to Anta's Fitness and Self Defense, the longest running martial arts center in Doral since 1998. Like many of you long-time residents, my sons took classes from JulioAnta as did I. Besides self-defense and fitness, so many have learned humility, respect, self discipline, and self confidence! Julio and his wife Elena are open for business! Learn more today! Doral Councilman Oscar Puig

Our StudentsLove Our Classes

Upon my arrival at the U.S. as a sophomore in high school, I decided to indulge myself in the world of martial arts. As I left everything behind in Venezuela, my confidence and physical well being were deteriorating. I was too shy to approach anybody and meet new people; I developed insanely lazy habits and started to grow fatigued with the most simple of activities as a 16 year old. My grades in school started to drop along with my drive to get out of my room to do anything. However, I came across the place that would change all that and improve all those characteristics that were a liability to my wellbeing. Anta's Fitness and Self Defense was the place that would change me for the better. Their Muay Thai classes and fitness program improved my fat percentage, increased my muscle mass, and got rid of the lazy, detrimental habits. Anta's has given me confidence, perseverance, and discipline to succeed in anything I strive for. My grades in high school skyrocketed, I was president of the national honors society and class representative in the student council in which I hosted various events such as blood drives, food drives, and many more donatives. I am currently a freshman in college majoring in biological sciences as part of the pre-medical program. Moreover, my goal is to get my M.D. in Boston University and become a cardio thoracic surgeon, and I thank Anta's for all the opportunities they have opened up for me.Carlos Lang

As parents, we wanted our daughter to have the proper tools and knowledge to be able to defend herself in a dangerous situation. I think we always knew that Madison was going to be in some kind of Martial Arts program; however, we did not imagine just how amazing her experience would be. Madison started at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense when she was just a few weeks shy of turning 4 years old. We still remember her first trial class, she was part of a group called Little Ninjas and during her first class Madison kept smiling, laughing and she was just having an amazing time. Over the years, that “Little Ninja” has turned into an amazing Martial Artist who loves Kung Fu and has true passion and dedication for her sport. Presently, with the help of Mr. Anta and Mr. Arcia, Madison’s determination and strong spirit continues to grow. They aid in building character and strength, with a great deal of focus on discipline and respect toward others. Our daughter has learned how to be socially confident and has an impressive drive and determination towards all aspects of her life. Thanks to her experience with Mr. Anta’s academy, Madison excels in school and with outside activities. She even had the chance to participate in a statewide Martial Arts tournament placing 1st in Open Hand/traditional forms. All of these experiences are helping us in shaping an amazing human being with determination, drive and respect. Both her instructors have been a significant component of everything it takes to shape a confident, humble and loving human being.Madison Barios Mom

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Transforming lives in Doral FL, and surrounding areas Miami Springs, Sweetwater , Hialeah, Miami, Hialeah Gardens since 1998 through our Little Ninjas 3-4 year olds, Lil Dragons 5-6 year olds, Kids Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga classes.

Live FitLive Fearless

Krav Maga Adult Program. Not for children to see. Violence and foul language.

WeeklyClass Schedule

Krav Maga Kids (5-12 years old) | 4:45 to 5:30pm
Lil' Dragons (3-6 years old) | 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Martial Arts Kids (5-12 years old) Beginners | 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Martial Arts Kids (5-12 years old) Intermediate | 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM
Muay Thai Kickboxing Teen/ Adults | 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM

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