Doral and County Officials Testimonials

For over 20 years, the City of Doral has been home to Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense, the longest running martial arts center in Doral since 1998. Like many of you long-time residents, my sons took classes from Julio Anta as did I. Besides self-defense and fitness, so many have learned humility, respect, self discipline, and self confidence! Julio and his wife Elena are open for business! Learn more today!
 -Doral Councilman Oscar Puig


Karla Martin

Growing up, I’ve always been a very active person but after high school I definitely gained weight in my freshman at 15. My fitness journey truly started January 2016 when Anta’s Fitness & Self Defense started an 8 Week Fitness Challenge. Through this challenge I trained hard in the Fitness program and changed a lot of my eating habits. All these things I started doing eventually turned into a lifestyle that I will never change. I even took up training in the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense. This new lifestyle has not only helped me become successful in transforming my body but also my mind. I have learned patience and self discipline to a whole new level. I’ve even become successful at work since now I am an instructor in the Fitness program at Anta’s. I am extremely thankful for the guidance and support I’ve received from Anta’s.


Alicia Victoria Cappellaro (Jr Black Belt)

This past year has been full of joy for me when it comes to golf and school. I was the first student-athlete who plays golf who made it to states championship for my school, La Salle, and won several tournaments. The picture below was when I won the tournament of the PGA US Kids organization in Port Saint Lucy, which was my last tournament for that organization. Also, I won the best player of the year award for that organization. My GPA for the first semester was 3.86 and hopefully will increase over time! Thank you Mr. Anta for everything you guys have given me and for my development when I was younger when studying martial arts at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense.


Humberto Calvo

About a month ago, there was a bullying situation in my daughter Brianna’s class and thanks to the learning experience that she had in your Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense martial arts classes, she controlled the situation very well without parent intervening on her behalf. She didn’t have to fight; and she was the only girl who stopped the bullying from happening to her. Thank you Mr. Anta for teaching her these important anti-bullying skills that will help her in life.


Isabel Rios-Pulgar

Anta’s Mixed Martial Arts Kids program is a martial arts child development, life skills program. Jr. Black Belt Isabel Rios Pulgar is a prime example of the success of Anta’s life skills program. Below is what Isabel’s mom wrote on social media and Isabel’s Testimoial.

Isabel received yesterday the Gold Cup of Distinction at Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School for her high grades (she is graduating #3 in a class of 580 students), her community service, good character and dedication to the school activities that make her a model representative of the values of the school.

She also got Excellence in Sociology for her senior year. She was named Cambridge Merit Scholar with Distinction and honored the school by achieving the Top mark in the US on her Spanish Language examinations and high marks on Science, English, History and Math.

She was inducted to the National Honors Society, National Hispanic Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math) and National Science and Engineering Honor Societies. She was nominated to the Miami Herald Silver Knight Award on the Vocational/Technical category, for her more than 600 community service tutoring younger students, teaching CCD and developing an online platform to provide support for teenagers victims of isolation and bullying.

Isabel was recognized as a CollegeBoard National Merit Scholar and is the recipient of the GE Stars Award Scholarship, the Cumberland Farms Scholarship and a full tuition scholarship from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where she will pursue a degree in Neuroscience starting in the fall.

She is a proud Level 5 Junior Black Belt (Black-Brown) in Southern Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu under Master Julio Anta from Doral, Florida, a degree she achieved at age 12, being the only girl at the time to have reached that level.
Alejandra Rios Pulgar

Aura Ordonez

Diego has been training in Anta’s since he was 4 years old. Now that he’s 8, is very rewarding to see him performing kung fu forms, weapons, muay thai, sparring, training MMA and all the techniques and values that he has been learning during this 4 years. Here he has amazing martial art teachers and made great friends that share the same determination and values. As parents, honestly its the best present you can give to your child; the opportunity to learn a discipline he enjoys, and values that will help him persevere in life.
Aura Ordonez
Diego Ordonez mom


Marcelo Paredes

My name is Marcelo Paredes, I am 34 years old, and I was one of the proud competitors on the Doral 90 day fitness challenge at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense. To tell you the truth, at the beginning I thought I will never make it, I have tried so many times to lose weight and sadly I was unable to complete the mission. The main reason is that I was tired of traditional gym machines. I had a gym at home, but I never saw satisfactory results even with great effort.

When I started the XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) Bootcamp and Krav Maga programs on December 2012, I had three special reasons to enroll: The first and more important reason was the support and interest of my daughter Arianna, who is also a kung fu kids black belt club student; she wanted me to be in shape because of my health. Another reason was the promotional price to enroll in the programs, it is always important to save money. The third reason was of course my desire to learn something new, and something I like while getting in shape.

In January 7th when I started the fitness challenge my weight was 211 pounds, being a short person I had more than 30% of body fat. By April 1st my weight was unbelievably 167 pounds, meaning almost 10% less of body fat. Finally, after trying many methods I see real results. I see myself in the mirror and I don’t believe yet what I see…my body is transformed! I enjoy so much buying new cloths in a size I haven’t worn since I was in college. I remember just one year ago after an intestinal surgery caused by being overweight, with a lazy, fat, and sick body and now I feel so light, full of energy and healthy.

I won’t say it was easy because it was not, but I would definitely say it was worth it! The challenge helped me to return to a competitive mentality with discipline, character, willpower, and courage to complete the mission. I followed every advice of my instructors during classes, and especially with the diet which is a very important part of these results. I appreciate all the support received in this process not only from Master Anta, Mr. Arcia, and all my other instructors, but also the support of my family. I can proudly say now mission accomplished! I will keep on my work from now on because as Master Anta says: “Live fit, live fearless”.

Mike Catala

My Success story because of Anta’s Muay Thai Kickboxing classes. I decided to run 3 miles and see how fast I can time…I use to only be able to do it yrs ago in 32 to 33 min …I actually finished in 27 min and 41 sec…I pretty much almost sprinted…thanks for the conditioning in your Muay Thai class I was able to accomplish this, Julio Anta…feeling like a kid again!



Manny Reyes Jr
World Kickboxing Champion
17 Time World Sport Karate Champion
King of the Cage MMA Champion
Semi-Pro Football Player

Thank you Mr Anta…. what an incredible workout! Anta’s Fitness, Strength and Conditioning program has been amazing to me and my comeback. Never been through anything like it throughout my long fight career.

Julio Anta really brings it… hardest conditioning workout I’ve had to go through as a Pro-Fighter. Man you have to be one of the top fitness guys in the world.

I highly recommend Coach Anta to not just pro-fighter, but to any world class athlete that wants to take his/her fitness to the next level and win!


Jasmine Gomez

As a mother of 3 I could come up with 1,001 reasons (excuses) why I didn’t have the time to eat healthy much less workout. This became obvious when my youngest turned 1 and I was still almost 50 lbs away from losing the “baby fat” I gained before and during my pregnancy. In January I finally decided to make time and joined Anta’s XFT Class because of the diverse workouts. Now I look forward to my “me-time workouts” and have even improved my eating habits by following Julio and Elena’s suggestions. Three months later, I’ve dropped 3 pant sizes, 10% body fat and counting….


Camilo Bandes

My name is Camilo Bandes, and when I was younger, I never had many friends. Some could say none at all. I was that strange, quite, obese child who most seemed to say would never amount to much. In fact they would have probably been right had I not found Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense. Through my teachers guidance, Master Anta has not only taught me how to live fit, but also to live fearless, to have confidence in myself and in what I do and what I will do in the future.
About three years ago around the age of 17, I weighed an astonishing 240 pounds. I am exactly five feet 8 inches in height, so it was obvious that I was borderline obese. In fact for most of high school I was overweight, making it the hardest time of my life. People would chew me out, call me names, pick on me, look down on me with pity because of how I looked, acted, and my lack of confidence. I would never give speeches in class, nor would I raise my hand to answer a question. I was unable to go up a flight of stairs without losing my breath the first few steps. It was a bad situation, so bad that I started to agree with the people around me saying I would never amount to much. I felt useless, alone. I felt like a loser.

When I started college, it was sort of a strange time for me. I know that to survive I needed to be stronger, but I didn’t know what to do. When I went to buy groceries, I found the school of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense. I decided to put my fears away for one moment and try it out, my first class being Muay Thai. The first class was not easy at all; in fact I dare say it was one of the most intense things I have ever felt. But even after all that, something inside of me did not want to quit. I kept going to the classes and eventually ended up joining the Kung Fu course. While I was there my Master taught me a couple of things that have made me the man I am now. He taught me to be confident in myself, to be strong. This world isn’t fair, which is why we have to stand strong, we have to be strong, and we have to think with confidence. My favorite quote of his is while we are doing exercise is when he says “Live fit”, in which we respond with “live fearless sir!” Live Fit, Live Fearless, I am honestly basing my life on that quote, because it is the quote that defines me now. After two years at Anta’s Fitness I am now twenty years old, I weigh 180 pounds, I can run up a flight of stairs with ease, I walk with confidence, talk with confidence, and live with confidence. I no longer doubt my abilities, I can do more than I ever thought was possible and now I can say with pride that I am strong, I am confident, I no longer live in fear of how others see me nor how I act or who I am. I even teach classes now as an Instructor in training, so that children may learn early what it means to live with confidence. My name is Camilo Bandes, I live fit, I live fearless.


Alberto Navarro
Marathon Runner, Kung-Fu Student

Achieving what only 1% of the worldwide population can do.

Many people think that running is just to put some on shoes and run. It takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice of self. I learned this the hard way when I started the training to run my first marathon. I came to notice that not only my legs were necessary for the run but a proper upper body training was needed to be a good runner, and ultimately resist running 26.2 miles.

I decided to try the XFT class at Anta’s Fitness and Self-Defense, since they combined everything that I needed to complement my marathon training. After a few classes I felt that my running got better. I gained endurance and speed, and I was really happy that my core got stronger.

On January 10 2010, I did my first marathon: Disney Marathon. Not only that but on January 31 2010 I did my second marathon: Miami Marathon. Two marathons within 3 weeks of each other. Results speak for themselves. Thank you for helping me achieve this dream.

Alberto Navarro: XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) Student
Kung Fu Student


Greg Banks
Tae Kwon Do 3rd degree Black Belt
Krav Maga Instructor

After training martial arts for 9 years and obtaining a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I was a little skeptical of the XFT training program, but after my first few weeks of class I realized that the XFT training system at Anta’s was unlike anything I had experienced before. After just a couple of months of training I lost 12 pounds of fat, 1 waist size, and took my health and fitness to another level. Every class was dynamic and exciting. XFT was easy enough for beginners to pick up yet challenging enough for even the most experienced athletes to benefit from. I would recommend Anta’s XFT to anyone that is serious about losing weight and getting in shape.



Ana Melgar

Adapting to the fast food nation country is not easy. After a month the numbers on the scale were going up. A 29 waist and size 8 pants, I decided to join Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense XFT functional Fitness Class. The Anta’s and students were very welcoming. We do a different workout everyday. The classes are out of the ordinary, dynamic and fun. Today a month later, I had to buy new clothes. My waist is now 25 and I wear a size 2. I feel healthier, stronger and fit. I’m 100 % satisfied, thank you Anta’s!


Dwayne Helton
Lost 17 pounds and 4% Body Fat in 12 Weeks

My name is Dwayne Helton. I have been friends with the Anta’s since my family and I began going to Metro Life Worship Center in Feb 05.  From the beginning, I always told Julio that I would come by the office to see what would help me lose some weight and get into better shape.  Two years later, in order to help my son who studies Kung Fu at Anta’s win in a VIP contest, I joined XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) In the XFT class we do kettlebells, medicine ball, Indian Clubs, kickboxing, interval training and other functional training. What a difference that choice made. I was very upset at the way I looked and very unhappy about how much weight I had put on.  With the nutrition plan and the workouts, people actually starting asking if I was losing weight. That made me feel better about myself and made me want to continue in my workouts. I am very glad that God put Julio and Elena Anta in my life.  Also, with my being in the military, I am very proud of the patriotism I feel any time I hear Julio speak or I am at the school. Julio and Elena, you have helped me extend my time on this earth with my family and I will never forget you. You will be BLESSED!

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Angel Calvo Beat Diabetes and lost 29 pounds in 12 weeks

My name is Angel Calvo, last year I found out I had Diabetes 2 the hard way. Waking up one morning and not being able to move. I was told that I would have to take insulin shots three times a day for the rest of my life. After starting the insulin regimen three months later I had gained approximately 40 lbs. This was the heaviest that I had ever been. Right there I decided I had to take charge of my life and not let Diabetes win the battle. At about that time I heard about Julio Anta trough my church (MetroLife) and that he had a program called XFT Xtreme Functional Training. I looked into it further and decided this was a program for me. When the opportunity came up to do a program through my church called First Place at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense I decided to jump on board and join both programs. Through proper diet, First Place and Anta’s Xtreme Functional Training three times a week I was able to meet my goal of losing 25 lbs and surpass it by another 4 lbs. The best news I just found out last week is that I won the battle against Diabetes 2. I am completely off the insulin and Diabetes free. Trough prayer, and Anta’s Xtreme Functional Training I have achieved a very important goal in my life. I now continue to work out with Julio at the XFT class and continue to pursue my life long goal to become a better Christian.

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Cristina Bonilla (XFT and Pilates Student)

I started taking XFT (Kickboxing, Kettlebell, Indian club, Boot Camp) class with Mr. Anta about 5 months ago in March. I can say that I lost a substantial amount of weight and I’m practically at my goal from when I started. I have found a comfortable place to be active and workout. I have tried gyms before but never really achieved much due to lack of training and overall not a pleasant environment. I am now working towards toning my body as well as maintaining lost weight. I have started Pilates with Mrs. Anta. I can say that I have an overall more positive outlook in general and feel pretty good about myself. I use to be completely sedentary and now I look forward to working out. Christina has lost 28 pounds since she started classes at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense 5 months ago and her body fat level has gone from 28.4 % in May when we took it to 23.3 % in August.

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Danielle Guelmes (Black Belt Club member XFT student)

Ever since I started Kung Ku at Anta’s I’ve had more confidence and I feel better about myself. Kung Fu has changed me in many ways, mentally and physically. When I walk down the halls of my school I fell less intimidated with school bullies who like to take advantage of other kids. I have also lost 16 pounds while learning kung fu and self defense in the teen’s class. I also started doing Anta’s Xtreme Functional Training Class which consists of Kickboxing and kettlebell training with my father after my kung fu class. I feel that I have achieved something that will benefit me now and in the future. I encourage all kids of my age and other ages to try Kung Fu.

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Gabriel Dorta (XFT student)

My wife Arlene and I enrolled in XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) several months ago and it has made a huge difference in our lives. One of the great things about it is that it never becomes boring, there’s always something new, there’s always a challenge to keep you motivated. Unlike a gym workout, the training is interactive and works muscles and joints you use literally on a daily basis.


Gerardo Larrea (Brown Belt, Black Belt Club member and XFT Challenge student)

I was transferred to Miami in the year 2000 to set up an international business office. I can honestly say that I was very depressed, completely out of shape and self conscious of weighing 210 pounds. Not long after I arrived I went for a complete check up. The doctor told me that my cholesterol level was quite high and I needed to improve substantially my physical condition. That was more than enough to get me to the point where I know I needed to change my life. So, I joined Antas Fitness and Self Defense as a Kung Fu student. My physical condition improved and in my first year I lost 20 pounds. Then in the second year I started coming to the kickboxing class and I lost another 25 pounds. I suddenly realized that I was no longer self conscience, embarrassed or depressed about how I looked. Today I am proud of the fact that I stuck it out and I am thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Anta for their help in the achievement of this extremely important personal goal.


Ryan Gronlier (Masters Club member)

Kung Fu has given me a positive attitude. It has helped me learn how to defend myself. I enjoy being a part of the Matrix Demo Team and coming out on numerous T.V. shows.

Alfredo Ramirez’s ( Masters Club member) Parents

Kung Fu has changed Alfredo’s (Ramirez) habits regarding nutrition and health. Also he’s got more discipline in the last year in a half. He has also learned not to be aggressive when he is provoked. We are very happy with his attitude in this sport.


Ron Melnik (personal trainer)

As a successful personal fitness trainer in Pompano Beach, FL (Ft. Lauderdale area), a former collegiate football coach (Iona College, NY) and athlete (NC State football player, Atlantic Coast Conference honors recognition), Ron Melnik expects his clients to possesses passion and intensity when it comes to maintaining a fit body. ” We as individuals should always strive to find effective methods to improve health, strength and body composition. Having discovered Kettlebells and trained with his mentor Julio Anta (Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense, Doral,FL) Ron has become a Kettlebell enthusiast due to the incredible results he and his clients have achieved using the Kettlebells. “Never before have I used training methods as good as Kettlebells to improve strength, speed and flexibility all at the same time. Most of the Kettlebell movements require the person to use their whole body at the same time making Kettlebells the ultimate total body workout. It is a high impact workout that achieves incredible results. Workouts are done in thirty high intensity minutes. What more can you ask for.”


Sophia Batistas (Black Belt Club member) Father

I feel that Kung Fu has given my daughter the focus and self confidence she was in need of. Her grades in school have improved and this year she made the Superior Honor Role.

Orianna Casanas (Masters Club member)

Kung Fu has helped me develop my mind and get straight A’s in all periods. I have also learned to reach my goals. Coming out in numerous TV shows has helped me loss my shyness.

Ricky Dager’s (Teen Kung Fu student who won 2003 Teen Kicking trophy) Family

Today we want to celebrate and acknowledge Ricky’s (Dager) efforts. Kung Fu has done wonders for our Ricky and we have seen it through the 3 years that Ricky has been involved in Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense. Yesterday, I saw something that amazed me and reassured me that no matter what, Ricky can and will overcome many obstacles. He is the type of kid that likes to please others and has always been willing to participate in Demos, playing the cymbals in the Lion Dance Team, tournaments or walking in parades. But this time was different; this time he wanted it for himself! This is how it happened: Unfortunately Danny (his younger brother) was not able to attend the Kick-A-Thon because he was very sick. I asked Ricky if he still wanted to go since Danny is his teammate and support. He said with much assurance “Yes, of course!” He then decided that he needed to stretch remembering that he had fallen short of his goal last year because of a cramp in his leg. He was determined to finish and he did. Through the hour I could see that by no means he would stop. I could see his determination not to give up. He was very excited when it came to the end and by the look in his face you could see that he was very proud of what he had just achieved. This has a lot more meaning to those who know Ricky and know all the difficulties that he has faced in his life and how hard things come to him. Kung Fu has given Ricky a sense of belonging, discipline, stability and last but not least a great deal of self esteem. Even though learning his forms is not easy, he still would not hesitate to attend his classes and quitting is the furthest thing from his mind. This is one young fellow Winston Churchill would definitely be proud of. (There is a quote by Churchill on the Kung Fu wall “Never Give Up, Never, Never Give Up). We his parents and family certainly are thankful and we thank God he is part of our lives.

Emily Dulin, Matthew Dulin’s (Black Belt Club member) Mom

Kung Fu has been a wonderful source of discipline for Matthew. He is learning how to concentrate and focus. It also has become a family affair as we go to Matt’s classes, participate in activities and practice for the demo team. We are very happy!

Imani Callan (Black Belt Club member)

 Watching Kung Fu while my brother was there got me thinking about joining Kung Fu. Kung Fu has helped me learn self defense and it has kept me fit and strong. It also helps my balance in dance class.

John Arenas’ (Masters Club member) Mom

 Since John started studying Kung Fu he has gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence. He has become more focused and more aware. An additional benefit is that he has lost weight and became more physically fit.


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