Take your firearm training to the next level with tactical shooting

Tactical shooting is reality based, real world firearm training. What you do at the range is how you will react to a real life encounter. Target shooting is a great way to start your firearm training. yet, in a real life encounter you will not be encountering a stable paper target. You will need to know how to use cover and shoot while on the move in different positions.

Tactical shooting training is developed to help you function under stress. Teaching you to react while your adrenaline kicks in. Most indoor gun ranges only allow you to shoot stationary targets, from a stationary position. In our tactical shooting course the student will learn to draw from the holster, rapid fire, shooting while on the move, shooting from any position, tactical magazine reload, and more.

Tactical Shooting training will teach the student to make tactical decision while under pressure. They will develop their muscle memory to react in the correct way while under stress.

We have tactical rifle and tactical pistol training classes available. For more information on classes and dates please call 305 599-3649 or e-mail us at fitdef@aol.com