Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is on a mission to empower women to STOP Rape, Assault, Crime, Abuse, and Domestic Violence. Walk in Peace be the last one standing when reality strikes.

What would you do? Empowerment, Fear No Evil

We live in a dangerous world, most crime on women are executed by men. They succeed mainly because men are usually stronger and more violent than the average woman. Yes, as a woman you could become an endangered species. The truth of the matter is that your safety is your responsibility, not your knight in shining Armor (husband, boy friend or brother), the government, your association or the security guards. Remember you are not always in the presence of your knight and by the time the police arrive it might be too late. So what can a woman do not to be a statistic? We are not telling you this to scare you, we just want you to realize the fact and prepare you to walk in peace. No one is immune to violence. Doesn't it make sense to empower yourself through reality based street defense. We can train you through our self defense class and workshops to be aware of your surroundings and also be prepare to retaliate if needed before it's too late?

Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense provides realty based, effective self-defense training for today's busy female through Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do Self Defense classes and through women self defense workshops throughout the community. Since most crimes on women are executed by men we do not teach separate self defense classes for men and women. In our classes you’ll be able to see if your techniques work by trying your self defense on men. We do hold workshops at our center and at other locations for women only.

Our self defense program consists of reality based street defense, hand to hand combat, gun and knife defense, adrenal response training (body language, verbal defense, projecting voice, controlling fear.). Head instructor Julio Anta is a retired Corrections Officer, honorably discharged United States Marine Corps Sergeant, Hung Gar Kung Fu Master (Chinese Street Fighting), Krav Maga instructor Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Haganah F.I.G.H.T (Israeli self defense, gun and knife defense) certified instructor, SABER (knife defense and fighting) certified instructor and Muay Thai Kickboxing certified instructor.

Our Women’s Self Defense classes and workshops have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines and in the following local, national and international TV shows: Univision’s Despierta America, ABC Channel 10 News Better Bodies with Jen Herrera, NBC News What Would You Do with Charles Perez, NBC 6 Today in South Florida, Telemundo’s Buenos Dias, America TeVe Channel 41 Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Univision’s Premer Impacto, Univision News, Telemundo Levantate, Azteca TeVe's Telepop, and America TeVe Contigo Miami.

We have done numerous Women Self Defense workshops at our studio and throughout the states at Camp Courtney, North Carolina, Corrections USA Regional Conference, Detroit, Michigan, FIU “Take Back the Night,” Alicia Facio Modeling, Young Women Facing the Future, Metro Life Church, Iglesia Casa de Alabanza and John Casablanca’s Women Interactive.

Predators and criminals will pick on women that they perceive to be easy victims. It’s not how tough you really are but how tough he perceives you are. To accomplish this goal you must learn verbal and physical self defense as a confidence builder. You must learn to walk like a predator and not like prey. You must learn to project your voice in what we call a bad dog attitude. You must learn to turn fear into power. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Yet your main weapon is the simple element of surprise. This and more you will learn in our self defense classes and workshops.

We’ll also teach you the 3 things that the bad guy does not want to happen:
1) He doesn’t want to be physically defeated by the victim.
2) He doesn’t want the victim to identify him.
3) He doesn’t want to be caught by the police.

The shocking statistics state that:
· A woman is raped every 46 seconds in America... that's 78 rapes each hour!
· Every day, four women are killed by their abusive partners
· 25% of girls and 17% of boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18 years old
· 14% of all American women acknowledge having been violently abused by a husband or boyfriend
· From 1992 to 1993 29% of all violence against women by a lone offender was by an Intimate
· 75% of domestic homicides occur after the victim has left the perpetrator
· 28% of all homicides of women are domestic violence related
· 95% of reported domestic assaults the female is the victim and the male is the perpetrator
· 75% of every rape is committed by a man that the victim knows
· 25% of rapes take place in a public area or a parking garage

Our goal is to inspire women to empower themselves to be able to walk in peace and if attacked to be the last one standing. For more information on our self defense program or how to set up a women’s self defense class for your organization please give us a call at 305 599-3649 or e-mail us at

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