Welcome to Anta's Kids Kickboxing – Where Fun Meets Fitness and Self-Defense!

Our unique program combines the powerful techniques of Muay Thai Kickboxing with the dynamic elements of International Kickboxing. As proud members of the Trans Muay Thai Kickboxing Federation, we uphold the highest standards in martial arts training.

Led by Head Instructor Julio Anta, a certified Kru (full instructor) under Master Hung Tran, our program introduces children to the world of kickboxing in a safe and supportive environment. While Muay Thai Kickboxing traditionally lacks a belt ranking system, Anta's Kickboxing has embraced the structured approach developed by Master Hung Tran, providing a clear path for your child's progress.

Why Anta's Kickboxing for Kids?

  • Certified Excellence: Our program is associated and certified under the prestigious Trans Muay Thai Kickboxing Federation, ensuring top-notch instruction and quality training.
  • Belt Rank System: Unlike traditional Muay Thai, we've integrated a belt rank system that motivates children to achieve and progress. The coveted Jr. Black Belt awaits those who dedicate themselves to the journey.
  • Fitness and Self-Defense: Anta's Kickboxing goes beyond physical activity; it's about empowering your child with essential self-defense skills. As they learn to kick and punch, they also develop discipline, focus, and confidence.
  • Ultimate Shape: Kickboxing is a fantastic way for kids to stay active and healthy. Our program is designed to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, ensuring your child is in their ultimate shape.
Join Anta's Kids Kickboxing and watch your child grow physically, mentally, and emotionally while having a blast on the mats. Call us today at 305 599-3649 and let the journey to the Jr. Black Belt begin!